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Requirements for Online EMDR Therapy

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

Online EMDR therapy appointments can be easily set up and we are happy to support you with this process. Your well-being, privacy and confidentiality is of utmost importance to us and if we believe that online appointments are not suitable for you for any reason, rest assured that we will let you know. The basic requirements are outlined below:

  1. A secure and stable internet connection

  2. A desktop computer or a tablet

  3. A private, quiet space with minimal distraction where you will not be disturbed

  4. Some water and tissues

  5. Adequate lighting in the room so your face and upper body are lit well enough so your therapist can confirm that you are practicing the bilateral stimulation effectively and observe your facial expressions and body language in order to enable your therapist to attune well

  6. You have the ability to soothe yourself when feeling distressed and regulate your feelings effectively

  7. You have developed and demonstrated successful strategies for closing down incomplete traumatic memories

  8. You have been observed to benefit fromusing either the eye movement, auditory or tactile form of BLS when working on a distressing memory


Welcomed additions:

  1. A laptop or a desktop monitor will be ideal as it is large enough for eye movements

  2. A laptop or webcam with a resolution of at least 1280x720 so that the therapist will have a clear image of you.

  3. Resource objects available in the room to help with grounding and soothing (e.g. teddy bear, blanket, crystals, essential oils, music, sounds of nature etc.)

  4. A small bouncy ball, tennis ball or stress ball

  5. Reliable, comforting support people or animals outside of therapy that you can turn to for support, acceptance and unconditional love

Please email us by using the link below to arrange a complimentary consultation to learn more about our services delivering online EMDR Therapy in either English or French. We look forward to speaking with you soon and thank you for your consideration.


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