From Former Clients........

Sally-Anne, I am officially 100% off all of my prescriptions. I have taken many long time needed first steps to the life I want to live. I feel my time with you has been super successful. I can finally feel and hear myself. So thank you, please know I will never forget you. My best and hopefully last counsellor. 
Have a beautiful life

Sally-Anne is an exceptional counsellor who embraces a compassionate and understanding approach to therapy. Her humanity is obvious and though I was a little shaky at first, she soon put me at ease and on the road to recovery. I highly recommend her.

Sally-Anne has a way of making you feel very comfortable and you just feel like you are sitting there talking to a friend and not a therapist. The time just goes by so quickly, before you know it the hour is over. She has a very personable way about her. I am very happy to have been connected with her.

Sally-Anne Haug is a kind, thoughtful, and highly professional personal councillor. In a period of more than a year she guided me through an extremely difficult family situation, to the point where I was able to manage and protect my own interests and wellbeing. Her highly effective approach centres on careful and sympathetic listening, then putting forward clear and logical suggestions on how to apply workable actions to resolve painful and complex situations. She is a 'voice in the wilderness' for people in need.  

I find Sally-Anne has a caring, nurturing spirit.

This is a short note to tell Sally-Anne that I'm still thinking about her. She was very helpful to me during the past year and I would like to hear from her again because of the amounts of empathy that she was able to show me when I was in counselling with her. I will always appreciate that. All my warmest regards.

Was one of the best sessions I’ve had so far thanks so much!

Sally-Anne makes me feel safe to share my thoughts & feelings and that's not easy for me. She's awesome!

Sally-Anne is brilliant!

Sally-Anne was so helpful for us. She listened to our concerns, asked the most salient questions, provided the support and resources we needed. We are so grateful to have met her, and to have her be part of our families journey going forward.

I had a couple big life choices to deal with all drop on me at once and I was quickly overwhelmed. After a couple days of feeling lost and making poor plans I reached out to Sally-Anne. She immediately got back to me with coping strategies to help me until her next opening the following day. After our session I felt empowered and confident in the choices we planned. It made a extremely difficult time in my life feel a lot more safe and clear

Very warm and gracious. Everything was made clear, and I felt very comfortable being open. Looking forward to future sessions with Sally-Anne

Sally Anne was lovely. I look forward to our full session. ❤️

Sally-Anne, you gave me hope that EMDR is going to help me stop my past from leaking into my present. Thank you

Thank you Sally-Anne for your kind ear and helpful insight. I'm grateful for EMDR. therapy as well, it has a lasting calming effect on my body and my mind.

Sally-Anne has created a great space for me to feel comfortable sharing freedom of expression and I always look forward to speaking with her again.

Thanks for connecting Sally-Anne with me!!!

Great communication. Was presented to me (visually) in a way I could understand it. I can't wait until my next appointment!!!