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Trauma & Memory Systems with Dr Peter Levine

Updated: May 30

Discover what memory is with Dr. Peter Levine as he talks about Trauma and Memory Systems. What do we mean by memory? Memory is identified into two types which is the explicit (most conscious) and implicit (least conscious). Episodic memory is a sub-category said to be conscious but in a very different way which can have certain qualities that is very important in the carrying forth of our lives. Conscious memory is only a small part of the memory bank that drives us. These are classified as implicit memory. Implicit memories when goes unresolved can sink us into despair, depression, and helplessness much like how an iceberg sank The Titanic. Episodic memory however interfaces with both explicit (rational) and implicit (irrational) realms of our mind. Which is like the great communicator which allows us to build coherent narratives.

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