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Tammy Humeny RCC EMDR Therapist Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing Therapy Online In Person Mission BC  Coaching

Online sessions available

Hello! I’m a Registered Clinical Counsellor with 22 years of counselling experience in helping people overcome their struggles. If you find that you are feeling stuck or challenged in some way, and unable to move forward, I’d be honoured to be a part of your growth and healing process.

I believe the relationship between the client and the counsellor is sacred, and the most important part of the healing process. As we work together, you will become better equipped to move through the blocks that have kept you stuck in the different domains of your life.


Ultimately, you will feel peace and confidence as you move forward with greater ease and joy. You will finish our sessions with an increased awareness of your wisdom, belief in your strengths, as you have gained momentum in the direction of your heart’s desire.

My Specialities

Online EMDR Therapy

EMDR is a scientifically validated therapy technique designed to alleviate distress associated with traumatic memories and other mental health concerns. By engaging in Bilateral Stimulation (BLS), typically through tactile stimulation or eye movements, clients can reprocess upsetting experiences more effectively, ;leading to emotional healing and symptom relief. 

EMDR is best know for treating post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and it has also been proven effective for a range of mental health conditions in people of all ages. Read frequently asked questions or watch an introductory video featured on our webpage to learn more about how EMDR can help you.  

Benefits of Online Therapy

  • Convenience: access therapy sessions from anywhere with a secure internet connection

  • Privacy: experience therapy in a comfortable and private setting

  • Effective Treatment: receive the same evidence based therapy online, with experienced and registered therapists guiding you through the process

Is Online EMDR Therapy Right for you?

If you're struggling with anxiety, depression, PTSD or other trauma-related issues, unhealthy relationships, online EMDR Therapy could be the solution you've been searching for. Read more about Online EMDR Therapy here.  I am here to support you on your journey to healing and recovery.

Wellness Coaching

As a Certified Fit Life Method Coach, I use a holistic approach to wellness that integrates physical fitness, nutrition, mental health, and mindfulness practices to help my clients achieve their optimal well-being. I aim to empower my clients so they can lead healthier, happier lives by providing them with the tools, support, and guidance they need to make sustainable lifestyle changes. Whether it's through personalized fitness plans, nutritional guidance, stress management techniques or mindset coaching, I aim to help you improve your overall quality of life and achieve your health and wellness goals.

Couples Counselling

Couples counselling offers numerous benefits by providing a safe and structured environment where partners can address and resolve issues. It promotes improved communication skills, enhances conflict resolution abilities and helps rebuild trust and intimacy. Therapy also offers emotional support, facilitates deeper understanding of relationship dynamics and equips couples with tools for effective problem-solving. Whether addressing current challenges or strengthening a healthy relationship, couples counselling fosters growth, mutual understanding, and long-term relationship satisfaction. As a skilled Gottman Method Level 2 therapist, I am able to support you acheive the following goals:

  1. Strengthening Relationship Skills: Help clients develop and enhance communication, conflict resolution, and problem-solving skills to improve their relationships.

  2. Deepening Emotional Connection: Assist clients in fostering deeper emotional connections with their partners by promoting empathy, understanding, and intimacy.

  3. Building Trust and Safety: Create a therapeutic environment where clients feel safe to explore vulnerabilities and rebuild trust within their relationships.

  4. Enhancing Friendship and Intimacy: Encourage clients to nurture friendship and intimacy in their relationships by fostering fondness, admiration, and shared meaning.

  5. Managing Conflict Constructively: Teach clients effective strategies for managing conflict in a respectful and constructive manner, minimizing destructive behaviors such as criticism, contempt, defensiveness, and stonewalling.

  6. Strengthening Commitment: Support clients in recommitting to their relationships and working towards shared goals and aspirations.

  7. Promoting Individual Growth: Help clients identify personal strengths and areas for growth, encouraging self-awareness and self-improvement to contribute positively to their relationships.

  8. Preventing Relationship Decay: Equip clients with tools and techniques to recognize and address potential sources of relationship deterioration, such as communication breakdowns or unresolved conflicts.

  9. Cultivating a Positive Relationship Culture: Encourage clients to create a culture of appreciation, gratitude, and positivity within their relationships, fostering resilience and longevity.

  10. Providing Ongoing Support: Offer ongoing support and guidance to clients as they navigate challenges and continue to strengthen their relationships, helping them sustain the positive changes achieved through therapy.

My Practice Focus
  • PTSD

  • abuse-physical, emotional and sexual

  • learning to manage strong emotions 

  • healthy relationships 

  • crisis intervention

  • depression, anxiety and panic 

  • eating concerns and obesity

  • family challenges

  • first responders

  • gender and identity

  • grief and loss

  • intimacy issues

  • parenting

  • life transitions

  • self harming behaviours

  • shame, self-esteem & self-worth

  • spirituality 

We Welcome You to Schedule a Complimentary Consultation with Tammy or email below....

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